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Food Finds: The Montreal Markets


In Quebec, even the stop signs have been translated into French. Although very distinctly North American, the Quebecois have French origins and what a difference it makes. Everywhere in America, farmers markets have become the new hangout places for aspiring chefs and local foodies. Yet it has a long way to go before it reaches the markets in Montreal. Here’s a view of two of the markets that we visited this weekend:

Jean-Talon Market

By far the largest market in Montreal, the market has produce, food trucks and a cafe. With many stands, the various stalls can specialize and diversify. The diversity and great prices make this not only an enjoyable place to walk around, but also a great place to people watch real Montrealers. In fact, according to our guide most of the prices are cheaper than what you can find at the grocery store!

Atwater Market

The Atwater market is much smaller than Jean-Talon, but more conveniently located. The real sell of this market is La Formagie Atwater, home to 850 Cheeses, and its location. The St. Henri neighborhood is quickly becoming the Williamsburg of Canada. Big names like Frédéric Morin and David McMillan (Remember them from Parts Unknown?) have set up shop in this area. We were lucky enough to know the owner of a busy but cozy coffee shop that made the perfect beginning to the day.

So, next time you are in Montreal think about having a market breakfast. It’s worth a visit.

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