Malta is distinguished by  towering cliffs on the one side of the island and coastal harbors on the other.

The Macro Lense

noun_29926_ccWhen your heart and palate have spent the last 8 months dreaming of wild fennel browned by the bright sun poking out of porous rocks and rabbit stewed in wine for hours, how do you call up those memories when these images leave your life. What do you do when these scenes and flavors that had been painted so brightly and clearly recede into the background and become abstract? A relationship ends and suddenly what you knew about the food and its people becomes foggy. What would you do if you already had a plane ticket? Would you go? I couldn’t resist. The tastes of Malta were calling me and with or without the Maltese painter, I would discover them. So too I will now learn to paint the Mediterranean colors myself. I will delve into Malta, and who knows, maybe the act of conjuring these tastes will sharpen that faded picture.

But first some pictures:

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