Il Talismano della Felicita, Italy, Translation Notes

Direct Translation: Pollo alla Cacciatore

noun_82222_ccIn good and healthy family cooking there is nothing more appetizing than the chicken a la hunter: this variously seasoned chicken in a pan whose prototype corresponds to the famous “chicken in the pan” from the Roman cuisine. Among the many recipes of chicken cacciatore, we mention here three truly delicious recipes below:

Pollo alla cacciatore Maddalena

oil – onion – celery – parsley – garlic – young chicken-salt- pepper – bay leaves – half cup dry white wine

Put a little olive oil in a pan with half an onion, a little bit of parsley and celery chop everything, add a clove of crushed garlic. Sauté. Add two bay leaves. Cook the chicken has been mostly cooked through. Add the a little water to the chicken and decrease the heat, cover the pan and let it finish cooking.


As you can see the direct translation involves no steps. This is pretty typical for old recipes. It also is rather vague on the specifics. The article I read about cookbooks suggested that during this time cookbooks were used more as references not as step by step instructions. Because of this the steps can often be incomplete, they didn’t even mention adding wine! 

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