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Translation Notes

Direct Translation: Pea Soup


Language and vocabulary notes

“schwitzen” – usually this means to sweat. So I wasn’t really sure what sweating peas meant. Apparently it can also mean to steam up or be in a sweat. I chose “steam” in the end. Anyone else have any other suggestions?

“Zergangen” – “zer-” is one of the most beautiful prefixes of the German language, at least when it comes to the emotions it invokes. The very thought of it gives me shivers and images of violence. “Zer-” usually implies something being destroyed. So when reading “zergangener Butter” the first image that came to mind was that of pulverized butter. Turns out it just means melted….

“Griesflöße” – (Kudos to anyone who can actually pronounce this!)

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Germany, Timeless Recipes

The joys of pea soup


Boston winters are cruel.

I thought I was a stoic Northerner, but the 7 feet of snow and the long nights slowly chipped away at my resolve to brave the winter and I became a husk of the sun-loving girl that had embraced Boston and its summer only a few months before.

Boston summers can, at times, be even crueler, at least when it rains.

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Cookbook #3: FINALLY!

noun_12289_ccOn my table lies a book, and there it has lain all winter. At that time my mind only had one track: to spend the least amount of time outside of my bed. The meals were quick and inhaled more than eaten. One quick bite and I ran back and once again kindled a hearth within my sheets.

And still the dusty blue jacket remained untouched as I questioned the purpose of this blog, the futility of self-expression, and the apathy of readers in this god-forsaken city of shut-down metros, 7ft snow piles, and winds that seemed to increase in velocity at every street corner. It lay there calling me. My own steadfast tin-soldier; it knew that someday its time would come.

And then one day, my ride home was not in darkness. The flowers were blooming and so too I returned to life. And as I walked freely around my house my eyes dropped on my steadfast soldier who had lain all winter waiting for me.

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