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The Never Forgotten Recipes: Ameriklamari


This one’s from the Maltese Ex-Pat.

“What’s the food like in America?” is a question I’ve gotten a number of times since moving here from Europe. The question reveals the gulf of mutual ignorance on either side of the ocean. Can one talk of “American” food like one can talk of Italian, French and Spanish food?

Enter the European stereotypisation of America; giant portions of burgers, steaks, hot dogs and chicken wings. An unflattering image of simple, fattening food. The polar opposite of the complex, naturally healthy gourmet food on every table in Europe.


But just like the actual Arctic and Antarctic poles, these areas are more alike than they are different. There’s no shortage of fast food in Europe, the same western tendencies away from traditional food and towards ready-meals, frozen food and junk are now well entrenched. In America as well as in Europe, a more recent reaction to this trend in the form of the organic and slow food movement is well underway.

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Il Talismano della Felicita, Italy

Recipe #1: Pollo Alla Cacciatore


WHAT A DAY! I woke up at seven to go to work, worked for 7 hours, attended my German class during my lunch break, then attended my French class, and arrived home pretty much devoid of energy and STARVING! Luckily, when you are tired, nothing is quite as enticing as a good meal. Especially if that meal is Pollo a la Cacciatore Maddalena.

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