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Food Finds: You’re not from Texas, but Texas wants you anyways

Nine years ago we loaded a car, packed a nervous — some would call neurotic– dog in the back, and set off to the frozen Midwest. Texas with its long nights at the pool, terrible mosquitos, and many many Hispanic radio stations faded into my past. Umpapa music, beer and bratwurst, and -20° winters became my life.

The music, the food, even my accent was left behind almost as soon as the trunk to our mini-van snapped shut. I denied my southerness and embraced my new Mid-western life. This was a mistake.

Texas is good for your soul.

For those not living in Texas, the likelihood you will ever visit Houston is small. For those living in Texas, the likelihood I have found anything new or worth mentioning, is even smaller. I doubt I will bring any new insight to what is an incredibly thriving food scene. So instead I’ll just add some pictures and if you’re ever in Houston, make sure to stop by at one of these places. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


Austin on the other hand, is the destination of choice for many people. With 110 young professionals moving into the city a week, Austin has a thriving restaurant and night life scene that grows every day. A phenomenal lunch at Manuel’s and a walk on S Congress Ave afterwards reminded me just how great Texas can be. If you’re driving, don’t forget to stop by Luling on your way in!!


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